We often get asked, “how do your photos come out looking so good?”  There are a lot of factors that go into it but more than anything, it is a technique that we use.  That’s not to say that the equipment isn’t important.  It is.  But a lot of what make our photos stand out is due to the process that we use.  What makes our photos stand out from the average real estate photo?  Look outside.  No, really.  Look outside the windows in our photos and you will be able to see clearly outside as well as a well and evenly lit room inside.  This is actually difficult for a camera to do.  The human eye does it well, but cameras have limitations that prevent them from exposing properly for the interior of the room as well as for the blindingly bright exterior outside of window.  That is why you see so many real estate photos where the windows are just one bright, overexposed mess.  Even our professional cameras can’t adjust for that on their own.  We use a complex procedure to process each individual picture by hand to make up for the limitations of a camera and deliver an image that is infinitely more pleasing.

Before we get to that process, we need to address our equipment.  Like anything, it is essential to have the right tools for the job.  We are currently using a mirrorless camera with a wide angle, zero distortion lens.  This means that we can fit more of the room into the shot than you could with a cell phone or point and shoot camera, and, importantly, capturing that shot with straight vertical lines.  No fisheye!  In addition to the camera and lens, lighting is a crucial part of a quality photo.  Built in flashes just aren’t powerful enough or versatile enough to be placed in the necessary position for certain shots.  We use multiple high powered and remotely triggered speedlights to light our shots.

So, how do we do it?  Without giving away our trade secrets, it comes down to how we process the photos in post production.  We use Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Lightroom and Photoshop.  We take multiple shots of the same composition and blend them together in a way that shows the exterior and interior equally well.  It is very important in this process to keep the true colors of a room which normally would get lost due to the sun’s ambient effect on a room.  At this point, we do any retouching that may need to be done.  We add things like fires in fireplaces, images onto blank TVs as well as removing cosmetic imperfections.  It can be a fine line between making a photo look its best and misrepresenting a house.  We are careful to not cross that line but are experts in being able to make a house look it’s best in a state that doesn’t misrepresent it.  We then enhance the photo to really make it pop.

Obviously, this is process takes longer than simply hitting a button to put a filter on and brighten a photo but the results of our process are far superior.  After hundreds of photos processed, we’ve gotten quite fast at doing this and often can deliver our outstanding photos the next day to our clients.  But, why does all this matter?  It matters because you only have one chance to make a first impression on a perspective buyer.  Don’t take the chance that a buyer scrolls right past your listing because the photos don’t catch his/her eye.  Let AA Aerial Imaging deliver the best quality photos for your listing.

Anthony Androu